Metodo completo teorico-pratico per la preparazione psicofisica, 120 pagine per 100 illustrazioni, in lingua inglese.

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Often musicians are obliged to interrupt their concert activity because of debilitating conditions due to over practice of their instrument. Many other artists, despite hard work, don’t arrive at their big moment in top form; they complain that whereas a few days before the concert everything went perfectly, at the concert they were a flop. Why?

         An instrument by itself is mute.

         The music isn’t transmitted to the instrument solely by the brain through the hands and vocal cords. The sonorous vibration from the instrument departs simultaneously from every part of the body. If the musician isn’t totally aware of his body, if there is rigidity in some of the parts, the sound he creates will never be art.

         The musician can’t continue to ignore his principal instrument. He can’t “remember” his body only when it becomes ill and thus prevents him from playing. It’s too late.

         I wrote this text to help the musician become aware of his primary instrument, to value it at the maximum of its potentiality and not compromise his health. As he learned to tune his musical instrument, so he must learn to tune his own body.

         This proposed method doesn’t aim to teach the positions, or how to hold the limbs. I hope it will teach the musician how to “play” his body. To build this method, I examined the musician’s brain, muscles, skeleton and visceral organs.

         The intent is not to complicate his life, but to help him to better organise his professional time, suggesting new possibilities other than the music stand, score, and instrument.

         I have met successful artists who didn’t know my method, but who behaved as if they had read it; in fact, I discovered that they prepared their musical activity listening to their body; they considered and respected its demands. The musicians already gifted with this characteristic don’t really need to read this method. But in my humble opinion, these are very few.

         For the others who aspire to such an admirable quality, I hope that this book will be a valuable aid in discovering psychophysical consciousness and so arrive at their very soul






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