Reflexogene massage

Connective tissue (reflexogene) massage (BGM) and foot reflexology can, through various mechanisms, have the following effectsi:

Massaggio Plantare


Il massaggio reflessogeno


  • directly influence modified connective tissue (scarring, local irroration);
  • activate general mechanisms governing the dynamic regulation of blood circulation;
  • influence chemical reactions in the tissues (local or general capacities of the connective tissue to retain water) through modification of blood irroration and release of tissue-specific substances;
  • bring about changes in the subjective state and in the regulatory mechanisms of the entire body, understandable repercussions of the effects mentioned in 2 and 3;
  • evoke nerve impulses and, through reflexes which have their arcs terminating in the Central Nervous System, also provoke reactions in organs a long way from the zones being massaged.





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