Mozart Fitness

Mozart Fitness My love of music and my enthusiasm for Kinesiology have led me, over the years, to carry out several researches, studies and experiments on the influence of music, in particular music composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.



Mozart Fitness

Mozart Fitness By watching my students, my patients and my children, I have personally been able, in part, to note the positive psycho-physical effects of music.
There are already gymnastic techniques (aerobics, rhythmic-sport gymnastics, jazz gymnastics etc.) which use musical accompaniment, but in these cases, the music only serves to support the pace of the physical exercise. Classical music, instead, (appropriately selected and matched with the exercises) provides stimulation or leads to physiological normalisation.
But for classical music enthusiasts, not particularly attracted to the idea of training with “techno” or “disco” music, there was still no technique in which motor activity was accompanied by “their own” music.
For these reasons, and as a tireless advocate of daily exercise for maintaining health, I wanted to draw up a practical guide, which encouraged and promoted this indispensable, health-promoting activity, by using a musical support particularly appropriate to it.





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