Beneficial gymnastics for the internal organs

Beneficial gymnastics for the internal organs


This book sets out a method for “indirectly manipulating” the internal organs and intestines to improve their functioning.

It contains a series of physical exercises, to be performed, that is, by the locomotor system as a real and proper gymnastics for the body, but aimed instead at stimulating and energising the organs:


La ginnastica interna edizioni Red



abdominal organs: gastrointestinal tract, liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys

pelvic organs: urinary tract, genital organs, rectum

neck organs: speech organs, thyroid

chest organs: cardiopulmonary system

head organs: eyes, auditory and vestibular systems

limb organs: arterio-venous and lymphatic systems


Ginnastica Interna (Internal Gymnastics)

published by Red (Novara) anno 2001,
271 pages
price € 40,80

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