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"Disease" and "health" do not exist, instead there are Meaningful Biological Processes (see the Five Biological Laws) which the living organism undergoes in order to survive in the face of environmental stimuli.
The main aspect of the “repair” phase (“disease”) is a reduction in the mobility/motility of a structure or a system (articulatory, muscle, neurovegetative and visceral).

The task of Osteopathy is to detect, with specific tests, these alterations in movement and to facilitate, through appropriate manipulation (parietal, visceral, fascial and craniosacral), normalisation of the system undergoing “repair” (restore movement)


Mozart Fitness My love of music and my enthusiasm for Kinesiology have led me, over the years, to carry out several researches, studies and experiments on the influence of music, in particular music composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.



Mozart Fitness

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Beneficial gymnastics for the internal organs


This book sets out a method for “indirectly manipulating” the internal organs and intestines to improve their functioning.

It contains a series of physical exercises, to be performed, that is, by the locomotor system as a real and proper gymnastics for the body, but aimed instead at stimulating and energising the organs:


La ginnastica interna edizioni Red



abdominal organs: gastrointestinal tract, liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys

pelvic organs: urinary tract, genital organs, rectum

neck organs: speech organs, thyroid

chest organs: cardiopulmonary system

head organs: eyes, auditory and vestibular systems

limb organs: arterio-venous and lymphatic systems


Ginnastica Interna (Internal Gymnastics)

published by Red (Novara) anno 2001,
271 pages
price € 40,80


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