The first case: a twelve year old girl suffering from chronic cystitis

The Medical diagnosis is the usual one of an inflammation caused by bacteria.




According to the 5 BLs, it instead represents the “vagotonic” phase, involving repair with swelling of a previous phase of ulceration of the floor epithelium of the bladder and/or urethra.                                                           

The state of biological conflict that gives rise to these particular processes is clearly linked to the demarcation of territorial boundaries, the particular connotation of the conflict being: “the inability to recognise one’s own limits in the face of an external event”. The biological meaning is an ulcerous enlargement during the active conflict phase (sympathicotonia) in order to increase the possibility of marking out the territory with more urine.


The twelve year old girl, who had a mischievous younger sister, was becoming aware of the attractions of her body and had begun to take better care of her clothes, guarding them jealously. The younger sister, however, lost no opportunity to go rummaging in her elder sister’s wardrobe, causing her much annoyance and unleashing furious quarrels whenever she was discovered.

This may seem insignificant, but we should appreciate the feelings of this young woman. For her, every intrusion by her sister was actually an invasion of her territory and on each occasion it caused another outbreak of cystitis..

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