which method?

  • In order to be on good form at the right moment, how should musicians prepare themselves?
  • How many hours a day should they play?
  • How many hours should they rest and what is the best way do this?
  • What kind of exercises should they do to build themselves up without causing any harm?
  • Which exercises should be used to compensate for effort and enable them to unwind?
  • Which exercises can improve concentration and which ones will improve their breathing?
  • What should they eat to help them play better?
  • What sort of diet and which methods may be adopted to speed up the biophysical mechanisms for cellular and nerve regeneration following exertion?
  • How many days a year should musical activity be given up altogether, so as to achieve proper supercompensation?
  • Which motor activity can be practised during leisure time, without compromising preparation and training?

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Obviously the answer to such problems is not to be found in Yoga, the Alexander technique, the Feldenkreis method, in ordinary home work-outs, jogging or, even worse, by taking up a sport.

The components of the preparation must be more comprehensive! 


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In response to such problematic questions, Dr. Marco Brazzo, a kinesiologist-osteopath with a keen interest in music, has developed a revolutionary new approach to help musicians with psycho-physical preparation and training. It is the first and only complete method of its type in the world..



It has already been acclaimed by well-known performing artists such as Claudio Abbado, Uto Ughi, Alirio Diaz, Mario Brunello, Antony Pay, Janos Devich, Peter Harrison, Joaquin Achucarro, Stefan Milenkovic, Pier Narciso Masi, Giuliano Carmignola, "The Swingle Singers", Zubin Mehta, Luca Benucci, Dale Clevenger, Sherman Lowe, Sergio Azzolini, Gordon Murray and so on, as well as by other musicians who have successfully tried out this new method.


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