Periodization in musical activity

 The method of psycho-physical preparation, designed by dott.Marco Brazzo, suggests the Periodization of musical activity and learning of its components.


Periodisation means the harmonic, optimum planning out and distribution of each component of preparation during the course of a week, month and year in the professional calendar - preparatory phase, concert phase, transition phase - to arrive at top form at the right moment.

The various components of this training are :

  • Instrumental technique
  • Musical interpretative technique
  • Musical performance (Concerts)
  • Listening; study of the history and aesthetic aspects of music
  • Corporeal harmonisation exercises
  • Exercises to control and strengthen the diaphragm
  • Exercises for aerobic conditioning
  • Exercises for normalising abdominal muscles
  • Exercises to strengthen the muscles
  • Post-session exercises
  • Posture compensating exercises
  • Specific diets for musicians
  • Procedures for recuperation





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