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Training offer addressed to :

Graduated from Music with constant practice of Phisical Activity;

Degree in Physical Education with basic knowledge of Music and at least one instrument.




first day 

personal meeting (examination of the request)

Objectives formation

Evolution  music Organism

Solutions for the Musician


second day

periodization of musical activity

individual meeting (verification)


third day

Corporeal harmonisation exercises

Exercises for aerobic conditioning


fourth day

Exercises to control & strengthen the diaphragmand 

 Exercises of specific strengthening

recovery procedures


fifth day

Exercises of posture

Listening, instrumental technique, interpretation, concert

individual meeting (verification)


sixth day

Exercises of fatigue & balance

 specific diet

attribution of diplomas


Course book The fit musician

Author Marco Brazzo, Edizioni Mediterranee (Roma).

Teacher : Marco Brazzo 



 The method of psycho-physical preparation, designed by dott.Marco Brazzo, suggests the Periodization of musical activity and learning of its components.


Periodisation means the harmonic, optimum planning out and distribution of each component of preparation during the course of a week, month and year in the professional calendar - preparatory phase, concert phase, transition phase - to arrive at top form at the right moment.

The various components of this training are :

  • Instrumental technique
  • Musical interpretative technique
  • Musical performance (Concerts)
  • Listening; study of the history and aesthetic aspects of music
  • Corporeal harmonisation exercises
  • Exercises to control and strengthen the diaphragm
  • Exercises for aerobic conditioning
  • Exercises for normalising abdominal muscles
  • Exercises to strengthen the muscles
  • Post-session exercises
  • Posture compensating exercises
  • Specific diets for musicians
  • Procedures for recuperation





logo rigo musicaleIn the last ten years the workload of the professional musicians also that of students with their exams and competitions - has grown considerably. Not always have these volume increases been translated into improved performance levels

In fact, the number of musicians who feel obliged to take drugs, and beta-blockers or to interrupt their activity because of breakdowns of any sort has grown.

 To take part in a normal activity,

it's enough to have a body that's normal.

To take part in a special activity,

it's necessary to have a special body.

Instrument playing is a special activity.

Playing an instrument is a considerable physical and mental effort

During "training" a musician uses only the instrument and a music stand. Musicians doggedly tune their instruments and yet neglect their body. The result is that they play on a well-tuned instrument while their body is decidedly out of tune.

Musicians are not exempt from the physiological laws which govern the human body and so, in spite of a considerable amount of study and practice, they end up being out of form when they have to perfom the music. They increasingly fall prey to crippling ailments (such as tendinitis, lumbago, stiff neck, bad headaches and varicose veins) or even worse, suffer a nervous breakdown.









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